Trufflepig Films Limited

A different way to make films.

What inspires us as filmmakers is the opportunity for total involvement in the films we make, to be able to craft films to the very highest standard regardless of how long it may take. In today's world this is quite unusual.
Making films has always been prohibitively expensive. Until now this has dictated what gets made, because only films with the broadest possible audience appeal ever made their money back. Television is similar, broadcasting means getting to the broadest number of people. So what happens if there is a great film we want to make but it might appeals to a more specialised audience? Well up until now it could never be done.
Suddenly this has changed, new technology means smaller films can now be made to an incredibly high standard. This means filmmakers can now finance their own projects and so personally get them out to the audience they know is there. It also means we as filmmakers have no financier breathing down our necks, so can go out there and just make really fine films.
That's the theory but the best bit is that with the internet, we as filmmakers can then have direct contact with you our audience. There is very satisfying and it is also very empowering. By supporting filmmakers like us you are also supporting our future projects.
Profits from DVDs bought from our website go directly into our future projects. By buying our DVD you are supporting us as artists and helping to make more specialised films like this available in the future.